Landscaping Committee

The Landscaping Committee oversees all common area landscaping around Lakestone Village. The group works closely with the board and landscaping company on items such as seasonal plantings, new projects and ideas, and maintaining the overall appearance of our community.

Committee Contact: Helen Bahr

Architectural Committee

The Architectural Committee reviews and considers all architectural requests submitted by residents. The committee has assembled a thorough Architectural Guidelines document to help guide our community as residents make improvements or renovations to their homes.

Committee Contact: Raye Oldham

L.E.A.P Committee

The L.E.A.P (Lakestone Events & Activities Planning) Committee combines social events and community outreach for the residents of Lakestone Village. The committee meets once a month and organizes community events throughout the year for residents and their families. The group includes giving-back initiatives they call “L.E.A.P into Action” at events to help give back to our local community.

Committee Contact: Cassandra Fishback

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